A Company already manages $ 3.7 billion in crypto assets

Grayscale is one of the institutional companies that prove that large calibers are already floating around in the crypto market. The company can also have some success with its in-house products, according to a new report.


Grayscale crypto investment trust

As the world’s largest bitcoin and crypto investment trust reports, it has managed an additional $ 500 million since the publication of its report for the first quarter in March.Grayscale has announced that its customers will manage $ 3.7 billion in crypto assets on behalf of its customers, a new record for the digital asset management company.



Last year, Grayscale launched a multi-million dollar advertising campaign promoting Bitcoin as a new digital alternative to gold.A new report by the company highlights growing deficits in the US, which the company sees as a blessing for BTC and cryptocurrencies.“Bitcoin is dominated by demand, not schools, and is a currency that is immune to supply manipulation. The offer is limited to 21 million and the emission rate is predetermined. These functions are visible in the source code and can be checked by the Bitcoin blockchain.Today’s macroeconomic environment continues to reinforce that a scarce, digital, not sovereign form of money can be an attractive place to store value and serve as a hedge against uninhibited money jolt. ”