A Lot of money in investments for Swiss Bitcoin companies

The impact of the crisis doesn’t seem to hit blockchain companies as hard as some traditional financial institutions. The fact that these perform relatively well despite the crisis is demonstrated by the example of the successful multi-million dollar investment that the Taurus Group had for itself. The Taurus Group, a Swiss Bitcoin company, can report a successful investment initiative. The Swiss private bank Arab Bank has therefore invested an eight-figure sum in the Bitcoin company.


Arab Bank is leading

The Arab Bank is leading the way among several investors.The main investor, Arab Bank, recently expanded its digital offering in September last year. In order to offer its customers opportunities for digitized financial services, the Arab Bank has expanded its offering to include custodian services and brokerage services for Bitcoin and Ethereum. This offer will soon be expanded to include Ripple-Coin XRP.


Taurus Group wants to become Swiss leader in the area of Bitcoin and Blockchain

The Taurus Group sees it as their task to establish a connection between the blockchain world and the classic financial world: The Taurus Group, founded in spring 2018, developed a Nasdaq for cryptocurrencies and digital assets. The goal is to establish a regulated trading platform, a so-called blockchain exchange. This should offer private and institutional investors the opportunity to find a reliable counterparty in the Taurus Group.