Binance coin price forecast

Last BNB price forecast, when the BNB price was $ 13.4:

“The Binance Coin price is currently in an upward movement, which finds significant resistance at $ 14.4, because that’s where the 0.382 Fib level is. If the Binance Coin price breaks this level, it will find its next resistance at ± $ 17.50, causing the 50-week EMA to run in addition. If this resistance is broken, the price will find the golden ratio at ± $ 20, which acts as an important resistance. ”


BNB price forecast – trend is bearish!

BNB broke the resistance at $ 14.4 and hit $ 16 where the BNB course encountered the golden ratio, which acts as resistance. If the BNB course is rejected at the golden ratio, this serves as confirmation of the bear trend. If the BNB breaks the golden ratio at $ 16, it will find its next resistance at ± 17.50, where the 50-week EMA crosses a horizontal resistance. Just above that, at ± $ 20, is another golden ratio, which is additionally cut by the trend line of the downward channel. The $ 20 mark thus acts as a strong resistance.