Bitcoin and the institutions: who gets the big money?

Since the emergence of Bitcoin on January 3rd, 2009, the cryptocurrency has undergone a massive development. There are a variety of areas in which we have seen progress in recent years: be it the development of the software itself, the enormous increases in the Bitcoin rate or the adoption and thus actual use of the cryptocurrency.

While many of these parameters have developed over several years, we have also seen a significant change in the buyers’ side for around one or two years.


Bitcoin and the institutions: love at second glance?

Let’s take another look at 2017. We all know the story and know that the Bitcoin price rose from around $ 1,000 in the 12 months of the year to $ 20,000 in the beginning. The specialty was that the majority of the investors who triggered and drove this bullrun were private investors. Up until that time, Bitcoin and the institutions was a phrase that was rarely used.Now let’s jump back in time: From today’s perspective, the Bitcoin price is a good 55% below its all-time high. So while the price has been going down for the past few years, one thing has increased significantly. We are talking about the big money of institutional investors. The first institutions came onto the market in 2018 and 2019.But at the latest since this year, big money has reached new highs. More and more institutional investors are integrating Bitcoin into their own portfolios. In this context, of course, the question is what are the reasons for this.