Bitcoin: British Exchange relieved in the millions

The British Bitcoin exchange Cashaa has been the victim of an exchange hack. Attackers stole 336 BTC. The trail leads to the Far East. The large number of exchange hacks shows that the security infrastructure is a decisive factor in Bitcoin exchanges. Hardly a quarter goes by without reporting crypto thefts. The British Exchange Cashaa also recently suffered this fate. As scene media consistently report, hackers have gained access to one of the corporate wallets and were able to steal 336 BTC ($ 3.1 million). As the company has since confirmed, Cashaa recognized the incident on Friday, July 10th. However, the public only appeared on Twitter a day later.

The Indian police have already been informed, as the company announced in the further course of the Twitter post. It is not known why the attack originated in Delhi. According to the company, the attackers installed malware on the Exchange computers that sent 336 BTC to the target wallet after logging in with two transfers.


The others are always to blame

Meanwhile, Cashaa is practicing damage limitation. It is not the fault of the defective IT infrastructure of the Exchange itself, but rather an ethos problem within the industry. Hackers, according to CEO Kumar Gaurov, still find it easy to exchange stolen crypto funds for fiat money on other exchanges. The practice of flagging and freezing stolen BTC does not work well.