Bitcoin economy: Are Stable Coins taking over?

One record chases the next: Stable coins are being used more and more. Why they are so important in the Bitcoin ecosystem. Stable coins are becoming an increasingly important anchor in the Bitcoin ecosystem. While the prices of Bitcoin, Ethereum, Ripple & Co. are popular as feared for their strong price fluctuations, the “stable coins” promise a certain level of security. For example, Tether guarantees that every unit of the Tether Coin (USDT) in circulation is secured by a deposited US dollar (or other assets, including crypto deposits). Accordingly, it is also stable in theory. According to Tether Limited, investors who have a USDT in their portfolio should always be sure that they can burn it at any time and get exactly one US dollar in their account.


What is the importance of stable coins in the Bitcoin ecosystem?

Due to their stable value, stable coins have long since become an indispensable vehicle for traders. Especially when things have to go quickly, it is much more convenient for Bitcoin trading to temporarily store your own capital in the form of tether and Co., instead of having to go through the cumbersome way via the bank account.