Bitcoin has a problem with institutions

The previous all-time high reached the Bitcoin price in December 2017. At a price of $ 20,089 at the time on December 17, cryptocurrency No. 1 achieved a market capitalization of $ 331 billion. The fascination of this rally also led several media to report on the cryptocurrency for the first time and many people heard the word Bitcoin for the first time.The peculiarity at that time was probably that the Bitcoin price at the beginning of the year was just $ 1,000. Masses of money flowed into the market in less than 12 months. There was a gold rush and many hoped for quick wealth. Of particular interest here is the fact that this rapid rise in prices was simply driven by private investors. A lot has changed in the meantime and we want to take a look at it today.


Bitcoin and the $ 2 trillion company

After the bubble burst described above, Bitcoin took some time to consolidate. A lot has happened in the entire ecosystem since BTC bottomed out at $ 3,200 in December 2018. Not only was the Bitcoin price at $ 10,000 well above that level.The improvement came primarily from institutional investors. Through platforms such as CME Futures or Bakkt, large investors can now trade Bitcoin futures instead of buying BTC on the spot market (or OTC). Nevertheless, BTC are also bought up, which in particular leads to a shortage of the offer. This is one of the best cases for the digital currency, because with the money of institutional investors comes the often-quoted mass adoption.