Bitcoin: name and logo patented in Spain

An anonymous person has patented the word “Bitcoin” at a national level through a lawyer. The Bitcoin name and logo have been protected by trademark law in Spain at the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Ignacio Rubio Menéndez, a compliance expert and a lawyer specializing in commercial law, has carried out this process.


What the anonymous person said

This person said: “I have now registered the logo and the word ‘Bitcoin’ at the national level with the Spanish Patent and Trademark Office. Everyone can access these documents as they are made available to everyone every day.” When asked why he claimed this intellectual property for himself, he replied: “I am a Bitcoin seller, I have a buying and selling office, and the idea behind it is to protect Bitcoin, at least in Spain. So I stand for the brand and take responsibility for ensuring that every new user who works with me can feel 100 percent safe. I also protect them from fraud that mentions and uses ‘Bitcoin’. “The patent document is about the logo with the white letter “B” in an orange circle. This is also the official Bitcoin logo. “In the text, the large B refers to the code and the small B to the cryptocurrency,” the person clarified.