Bitcoin Price (BTC): Yield is what you make of it

How can you benefit from the Bitcoin course? What is the best strategy for me? Hodl versus trading. Since the corona crash and the subsequent recovery, the bitcoin price has sometimes seemed frozen. The cryptocurrency is consistently oscillating between the $ 9,000 and $ 10,000 mark. An outbreak seems possible, but the cryptocurrency has not made it in the past few weeks. So what are the ways to still benefit?


Do not let yourself be disturbed

The crypto market has some pitfalls that crypto beginners should know. The crypto market is too restless, the temptation to show one’s feelings is too high. On the one side of the effects to be avoided, there is the fear of missing out, the fear of missing something, in short: FOMO. It sometimes occurs for beginners, but also for long-established traders. The greed to jump on a bullrun and maximize your profits leads to impulsive purchases and leaves traders in the rain as soon as the euphoria has flattened out.

On the other hand there is FUD: Fear, Uncertainty and Doubt, in English: fear, uncertainty and doubt. Example: The Bitcoin price falls, a horror message spreads in the crypto verse. Are the BTC miners giving up their devices? Will the U.S. government regulate Bitcoin to death? Or does Kim Jong Un bring the Bitcoin price to its knees by throwing his South Korean-stolen BTC on the market? As absurd as it may sound at times, all of these messages have already been published.