Bitcoin puts YouTuber in jail for 50 years

According to the Mexican authorities, a 25-year-old YouTuber was involved in the kidnapping of a woman who was supposed to be released for a ransom in Bitcoin. Ironically, it was the choice of payment that ultimately led to its transfer.

As the leader of a group of six, the YouTuber, Germán Abraham Loera Acosta, is said to have forced a 33-year-old lawyer into a car in the Mexican state of Chihuahua. The gang then allegedly dragged the young woman into a house that Loera Acosta had rented.


Bitcoin arrested the extortionists

A ransom of 2 million pesos (equivalent to approximately $ 103,000) was requested to release the victim. The kidnappers also demanded that the amount be paid in the form of Bitcoin. It was precisely this decision that later led to the transfer of the gang. Police rescued the woman two days later and arrested five members of the group, including Loera Acosta.

At the time, Chihuahua’s prosecutor, Cesar Peniche, described Acosta as “a very experienced person in internet communications,” but added that Bitcoin was “traceable at the end of the day.” This is exactly what led to the transfer of the kidnapper gang-Loera Acosta describes himself on his Twitter account as a full-time entrepreneur, writer, geek and speaker. His YouTube channel contained the slogan “I think the mind is the only thing that restricts us” at one point, but it appeared to have been deleted on Wednesday afternoon, the BBC reported.