Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoins halving lead to bull run?

Both Bitcoin and Ethereum have developed extremely well from their 2020 lows and have risen 140 percent since the crash on “Black Thursday” (March 12th and 13th).That alone creates widespread optimism in the markets – however, top analysts expect these two leading cryptocurrencies to rise even higher in the coming months and years. Because: Bitcoin and Ethereum holders are facing two of the most important events.


If Ethereum 2.0 and Bitcoin’s halving don’t trigger a bull market, then probably nothing

According to David Hoffman, COO of RealT real estate platform and co-director of the bankless podcast, there will be two fundamental events over the coming months that together will be a perfect catalyst for the bull market: Bitcoin halving block reward in May and the launch of Ethereum 2.0 in summer.


The Opinions are shared

Around 10 days after the publication of this article, Bitcoin’s inflation rate will be halved, as the protocol halves the number of coins per block.It’s an event the top-notch quantitative analyst named “PlanB” believes Bitcoin will have a fair value of around $ 288,000 – more than 3,000 percent higher than the current market price.BTC’s market capitalization can be derived by analyzing the inflation rate – this is how this high value comes about.