Federal Ministry of Economics awards blockchain projects to German Energy Agency dena

The German Energy Agency (dena) will carry out various blockchain projects in the energy sector on behalf of the Federal Ministry of Economics and Energy (BMWi). This was announced by dena in a press release on 11 February.

dena intends to present its first projects at the “E-world energy & water” trade fair which will take place in Essen between 11 and 13 February. According to dena, these are to be embedded in “the Future Energy Lab”, an innovative pilot laboratory which will provide the organizational framework for testing digital technologies for applications in the energy industry”.


According to dena, the following projects are to be implemented by the end of 2021 in collaboration with a network of companies from the energy and digital sectors: “The testing of a database for device identities, the development of a demonstrator for the visualization of CO2 emissions and the design of a smart contract register for the energy industry.

dena boss Andreas Kuhlmann writes about the aims of the “Future Energy Lab”:

“Im Future Energy Lab haben wir die Möglichkeit, gemeinsam mit Praktikern aus Unternehmen und mit einem direkten Kanal zur Politik, Neues auszuprobieren und innovative Lösungen für die integrierte Energiewende auf den Weg zu bringen.”


Dena boss Andreas Kuhlmann writes about the aims of the “Future Energy Labs”:

“In the Future Energy Lab we have the opportunity to try out new things together with practitioners from companies and with a direct channel to politics, and to launch innovative solutions for the integrated energy turnaround”.


A kind of “pilot laboratory” is planned to test digital technologies for use in the energy sector. Based on digital technologies such as Blockchain, concrete applications for the energy sector are to be tested under real conditions. Strategic and operational cooperation is also to be promoted with the “Future Energy Lab”.

dena has been working intensively on blockchain technology for some time now, but so far primarily in the form of market analyses and studies. At the beginning of 2019, dena published the results of a study according to which energy providers have so far used block chain technology primarily in peer-to-peer trading between themselves.