For Hodlers? Bitwala’s Bitcoin passbook is available

Bitwala is expanding its range. The Bitcoin wallet provider currently advertises with passive income on Bitcoin holdings.Hodlers are generally said to live a quieter life compared to Bitcoin traders. Simply stack Satoshis, preferably using the dollar cost averaging method, and wait for the Bitcoin price to rise. The recent halving increases the prospect of long-term price increases. After all, supply shortages have become scarcer and BTC is becoming increasingly rare. Stocking to flow ratio supporters even see a bitcoin price of up to $ 288,000 as likely as a result of the halving.


Bitcoin Hodling should be worth it

Bitwala now offers such long-term investors the opportunity to increase their holdings. As the company announced in a press release, users can now set up an earnings account using the app and receive up to 4.3 percent interest per year for their stored BTC. The payment should be made every Monday, including push notification via app. To this end, the neobanking service is working with the Celsius Network, the world’s largest crypto loan provider, according to the press release. It is possible to get the BTC back at any time, and there is no minimum storage period.Using the Bitwala app, customers can hand over their BTC to the Celsius Network at the touch of a finger and collect interest – an average of 3.4 percent, Bitwala continues.