Gold ETFs bunker 3,033 tons of gold – record!

Gold ETFs chasing records

According to the current World Gold Council monthly report, 3,032.9 tons of gold are stored worldwide to cover exchange-traded funds, mainly in so-called exchange-traded funds (ETF). According to the WGC, the ascertained amount of gold has reached a new all-time high. The gold amount corresponds to an investment volume of $ 157 billion (AUM = assets under management). According to the industry service provider, 84.5 tons of gold were added last month. That corresponded to net inflows of $ 4.9 billion.

Regional distributionGold ETFs from North America received the largest inflow. The world’s largest gold ETF is the SPDR Gold Trust (officially: SPDR Gold Shares; ticker symbol: GLD). The GLD alone added 41 tons this year. This fund officially stored 934 tons of gold for shareholders at the end of February. All of the ETFs in the United States together stashed 1,511.9 tons of gold.


ETC in Europe

The ETC (Exchange Traded Commodity) Xetra-Gold traded in Germany also received further cash inflows. At the end of February, gold inventories totaling 206.8 tons were reported. According to the WGC, a total of 1,387.9 tons of gold are tied up in ETFs, of which

  • 615 tons in the UK
  • 4 tons in Germany
  • 1 tons in Switzerland
  • 1 tons in France