Gold is the solution for the future of money: Harald Seiz

In his book “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money) Harald Seiz, founder and CEO of Karatbars International, talks about the future of money and the reasons why today’s monetary system will follow the same path as earlier financial systems. When it comes to a secure future for money, the focus cannot be on debt currencies without any real countervalue and concentrate on paper that is printed with a number and underpinned merely by a promise. A secure financial system needs real values and the stability of a currency that can at best be used globally and across borders. Gold fulfills these and other demands, as Harald Seiz also writes in his book on the future of money. Likewise, global transfers will boom digitally, bringing cryptocurrencies to the fore and, like gold, occupy an important position in the financial markets of the future.

The confidence of the population in banks and our monetary system is exhausted. Only very few people see the future of money in current debt currencies and in the bank’s goodwill, in being able to freely dispose of their credited numbers and withdraw banknotes from machines.


At present, the foundation stone is laid for the future of money

State currencies are volatile. They are influenced by catastrophes, crises and wars in the world and their value is significantly diminished. Inflation, the complete collapse of value overnight and the concern about the abolition of cash and the associated danger of “the transparent human being” are fears that lead to a departure from the conventional financial economy. For some years now, an alternative financial market has been developing, in which the future of money is less in question than is the case with debt currencies. More and more people are investing in gold, buying real estate or cryptocurrencies. Harald Seiz also writes in his book Die Zukunft des Geldes (The Future of Money) that everyone should have the opportunity to invest in gold. In his presentation, he goes one step further and sees the future of money in a currency that is based on physical gold and can be used as a means of payment through the smallest denominations. With products such as Cashgold and the GoldCard, Karatbars International has already developed a milestone for a secure future for money and has met with great approval. Everyone wants a secure future – for their money and directly linked to it, for their family and loved ones.


Cash restrictions have long been a reality

In Germany “only” the abolition of cash has been discussed so far. In other countries, such as India, cash has already been reduced so much that it is practically worthless. The future of money, as we know and use it today, is uncertain and by no means the safe haven and liquidity that allow us to look to the future without worries. In his book “The Future of Money” the author addresses various influences on the monetary system, interesting backgrounds of fiat money, historical details and people’s concerns. Nevertheless, “Die Zukunft des Geldes” (The Future of Money) by Harald Seiz is not a sinister dystopia, because he also shows how everyone can shape their own future in a positive and financially secure way.