Goldman analyst warns about upcoming events

Manyanalystsand Wall Streetexpertshavetoldinvestorsoverthepastfewweeksthattheslump in thestockmarketcaused by thecoronacrash is now a wonderfulbuyingopportunity. Larry Fink, theCEO of BlackRock, theworld’slargestwealthmanager, is currentlyveryconfidentaboutthefuture: “Theworld will survivethiscrisis. Theeconomy will recover. Andthoseinvestorswho do notkeeptheireyes on theshakygroundFocusingunderourfeet, but on thehorizon, therearenowenormousopportunities on themarkets, “said Fink in a letter to hiscompany’sinvestors.


No clear signals for a bull market

Unlike Larry Fink, chief investment strategist at US investment bank Goldman Sachs, David Kostin, is currently less optimistic about the opportunities in the stock market. The investment professional told CNBC that the recent enthusiasm for stocks is by no means a clear signal for another bull market.


Channels and risks are currently not balanced

“There is some asymmetry in downside risk towards a level of around 2,000 points in the S&P 500, which is a decrease of almost 25 percent, and an upward trend of around 10 percent, which corresponds to a target of 3,000 points at the end of the year” said Kostin in a telephone interview with the news broadcaster.