Google searches for “Bitcoin” reach three-month high

New Bitcoin hype in Africa?

What is remarkable about the available figures is that among the five regions with the most search queries on Bitcoin, three countries alone are from Africa. These are Nigeria, South Africa and Ghana, and Austria and Brazil also join the top five.

As Cointelegraph reported today, the trading volume of the South African crypto trading platform Paxful has increased by more than 2800% over the past year, possibly indicating that a new crypto trend is emerging on the African continent.


Can Blockchain pull along?

Meanwhile, the search for “blockchain” has made no significant leap and that although the Chinese president had recently spoken positively about the technology and thus triggered a small hype in the domestic industry.

The number of Google search queries on blockchain is generally more stable than on Bitcoin, so there are neither big leaps nor declines here. In the data of the Chinese social media service, however, the situation is different, as WeChat has recorded a significant increase in the number of requests both from Bitcoin and Blockchain.

Meanwhile, the Chinese state media agree with the president’s tenor and demand that blockchain technology must be promoted in their own country. However, they warn against “speculating” with crypto currencies like Bitcoin. The first blockchain companies are already benefiting from the warm words of Chinese politics, and the shares of the companies concerned have also risen noticeably as a result.

As Cointelegraph had reported, the Google search queries for Bitcoin in September had still reached an all-year low, which was probably triggered by a drastic drop in the share price.