Mike Novogratz sees nearly all institutional investors invested in cryptocurrencies by 2025

The big crypto boom of 2017 was driven by private investors. However, a large part assumes that the next boom – if there is one – will be driven not by private but by institutional investors. The billionaire and ex-hedge fund manager Mike Novogratz also sees it this way and assumes that 80% of institutional investors will hold cryptocurrencies within the next five years.


Crypto market still has a few chapters ahead
Institutional investors don’t want to miss out on the cryptocurrency business. Because experts, communities and financial advisors all over the world see especially in the largest cryptocurrency in the world Bitcoin (BTC) enormous potential to serve as store-of-value and thus as digital gold in the future. Declining trust in governments and banks worldwide could accelerate development.The co-founder of crypto bank Galaxy Digital Holdings even expects that by 2025, eight out of ten institutional investors will have invested in cryptocurrencies. In an interview with financemagnets, the billionaire talks about the upcoming revolution and possible cryptocurrency:
“Aside from Bitcoin becoming a gold proxy, a digital revolution is underway and payments will shift over time. There will be a ‘crypto dollar’ just like there will be a ‘crypto yuan’ and a ‘crypto euro’. I think there will be cryptocurrencies in every portfolio.”