Tezos – Partnership with Blockchain Platform of the Singapore Government

According to a November 21 blog post, Tezos Southeast Asia (TSA), the charity that Tezos is promoting in the region, has partnered with Tribe to attract more developers to Tezos blockchain-based solutions for practical applications. The training program is scheduled to begin in the first quarter of 2020.

Caleb Kow, President of TSA, commented on the collaboration:

“If you have trainers who are familiar with Tezos Blockchain technology, they can increase the impact in their respective teams by sharing knowledge with newcomers.”


Tezos has previously worked hard to expand its developer community. In September, the Foundation awarded 14 new grants for applications created with Tezos Smart Contracts, Tezos Block Explorers, tools for developing Smart Contracts, Tezos-focused training materials, and marketing initiatives that promote the ecosystem.


Industry-oriented education projects in Asia

At the end of October, the Guangzhou government announced a USD 140 million grant fund to promote the development of blockchain initiatives. The government will also host a nationwide Blockchain Innovation and Entrepreneurship Contest, funded with $1.4 million.

The Malaysian Ministry of Education has launched E-Skrol. This is an application based on the NEM blockchain to prevent certificate fraud through the use of blockchain technology. E-Skrol is designed to reduce the increasing number of counterfeit educational qualifications in Malaysia that can be purchased online in so-called diploma factories.