That’s why gold is more than a safe haven!

Gold is regarded as a stable investment in uncertain times. The precious metal can shine not only in property protection.


Buy gold

Those who buy gold also enjoy the beauty of the metal. Nothing can cloud the noble glow of gold. Values ​​for eternity. Gold has become increasingly popular with investors in recent years. And even now, the German precious metals trade can hardly save itself from orders. New crash books are on the bestseller lists and encourage you to swap money for precious metal before it’s all right. And until December 31, you can trade up to 9,999.99 euros gold and silver in the stationary trade for cash, without having to leave his personal details (Gold Reporter reported several times).


asset protection

Gold is bought mainly to escape the financial repression. Although the official inflation rates are low, as a superficial indicator for the credit money devaluation. Inflation has always been one of the most important arguments for buying gold in the past. In addition to the perceived risk of collision (threatening scenarios: financial crisis, bank failures, national bankruptcy, collapse of the euro), capital destruction is also threatened by widespread negative interest rates for savings deposits.


Gold price prospects

But gold has been more than just fine jewelery and a safe haven for many years. From advocates and profiteers of arbitrarily renewable credit money gold is questioned again and again. The precious metal is not a good investment. Relevant argument: Because the price fluctuates so much and one only benefits from gold when the price is rising. But everything that is traded on the stock market fluctuates. And the long-term horizon is also more promising for stock investment than short-term gambling.


Gold as an investment

The fact is that since its release in the early 1970s and until the end of 2018, the price of gold (calculated in euros) has increased by an average of just under 8 per cent. Comparative basis here are the average annual rates, thus price peaks are compensated. The increase of more than 20 percent this year is not yet included. And since the average annual inflation in Germany in the same period was only 2.7 percent, you could also achieve real price gains in this period.


Valuable information

This can be read and compiled in our special publication “Altersvorsorge mit Gold”. In it we compare the gold investment also with a classic conservative investment, highlight the many other benefits of the gold investment and give tips on gold weighting in the private investment portfolio. Our conclusion at this point: Who has gold, not only always has money. In a forward-looking and conservative investment strategy, gold also promises a decent return. You can not say that about the classic savings deposit anymore. That you should never lay all the eggs in a nest, should be self-evident.