This is how much Krugerrand gold coins are worth

Krugerrand gold coins

Last Friday at 3 p.m., a Krugerrand gold coin (1 ounce) cost an average of 1,714 euros in German precious metals trading. At the same time, the euro gold price was listed on the spot market at 1,562 euros. This results in a premium of 9.74 percent when buying the popular investment coin. Compared to the previous week, the percentage markup on the gold price fell by 8 percent. However, the price differences in retail are clear. The cheapest offer was 1,685 euros, the most expensive at 1,765 euros.


Spreads increased

And despite the higher gold price, the Krugerrand gold coins are cheaper on average than they were two weeks ago. At that time the premium was still 16 percent and the Krüger ounce cost an average of just under 1,740 euros. In contrast, the spreads (percentage difference between sales and purchase price) rose again more strongly. Here the purchase prices were reduced disproportionately.


More goods but often long delivery times

The prices mentioned are based on our weekly survey of current offers from four German precious metal traders. And finally, the supply situation with investment products has eased at least a little. However, the availability of the most popular coins and bars for both gold and silver is still extremely limited and delivery times are still long.