True wealth: “Gold is the money of God.”

The well-known US financial book author Robert Kiyosaki warns of deceptive wealth through rising stock markets. He recommends real assets. Above all gold, because it has always been there and will never disappear.


Stock market upswing through debt

Robert Kiyosaki is a well-known US businessman and bestselling author (“Rich Dad, Poor Dad”). He gave an interesting interview to the Bloomberg news service this week. In it he expressed skepticism about the situation on the financial markets. The stock markets were at historic highs. In the USA, more than half of all new millionaires came from rising stock markets. However, the stock markets had “swum up on debt”. He describes the wealth based on this as “fake money”. Kiyosaki: “I’m happy when people get rich, but it’s a lot of paper. When the markets collapse, and they will, it will be wiped out.


“Gold is God’s money”

He himself prefers property, as well as gold, silver and oil. His special love belongs to gold. He says: “Gold is God’s money. Gold and silver have existed since the earth was created and will still exist when our world has disappeared. Gold will always be there, no matter what the markets do.” Therefore, make gold the basis of your investment. In second place comes real estate, then intellectual property such as patents and the like. “That’s my wealth,” says Kiyosaki.


Savers are losers too

In his opinion, savers are among the losers. For he says that while governments/central banks printed as much of this fake money as they wanted, falling interest rates destroyed the value of this asset step by step. “Money brings negative interest rates, that never happened before. So why should we continue to save? I don’t understand that”.