Using Blockchain against anemia: EOS Costa Rica

In the fight against the COVID-19 pandemic, the South American startup relies on a health solution in the EOS network. It is supposed to turn the donation processes upside down and thus tackle the global blood shortage. As can be seen from a press release on July 30, blockchain start-up EOS Costa Rica has developed an incentive-based health solution in the EOS network.

How the pandemic affects blood supply
The reason behind the blood shortages is mainly due to the corona virus. Because that ensured that the blood supplies run out, the press release continues. According to EOS Costa Rica, the Red Cross canceled 2,700 blood donations in March, resulting in an overall 86,000 fewer blood donations. This means a drop of 80 percent. In the meantime, around 30,000 blood donation campaigns had been canceled by June – the remaining blood supplies are steadily falling.

The EOS blockchain is said to save lives
Therefore, EOS Costa Rica uses the EOS.IO blockchain with its lifebank application to address the shortage. They recently presented their health application for the precarious blood problem.Co-founder Edgar Fernandez explains in the press release:
“The coronavirus pandemic uncovered a number of areas of concern in the healthcare supply chain – one of which is blood donation. To encourage further donations, Lifebank connects blood donors to donation centers and local businesses, and uses smart contracts to get approval between donation centers and blood donors. Those who donate blood using Lifebank receive tokens that they can redeem at local companies.”