Veteran trader sees the absolute bottom of Bitcoin (BTC) at $ 0

Bitcoin falls to $ 0?

The Bitcoin price still does not seem to find a stop, which is why it is unclear to many where the bottom will be reached. For veteran trader Peter Brandt, who is also recognized in the crypto world, it is clear that the BTC could find its bottom in the midst of these market turmoil.


BTC might go straight to zero

Following his last tweet from last week, Peter Brandt commented on the current course. For him it is clear that BTC can go straight to zero. Brandt sees a 50/50 chance that Bitcoin will either reach $ 100,000 or 0. After Bitcoin collapsed during the market crash last week, however, it sees a greater chance that it will become zero.

Brandt also commented on an earlier tweet by telling lessons from past market failures, including the 2008 global financial crisis. In this tweet, he’d called the $ 5,500 bottom after it fell, he said the BTC can now drop below $ 1,000.

The gold bug and well-known crypto critic, Peter Schiff, also spoke on Twitter. Schiff once again criticized Bitcoin’s status as a safe haven amidst the turbulence in the corona virus. He said that current conditions for BTC should have been optimistic instead of collapsing with the entire market.