What is the best way to drive Bitcoin’s spread? Billionaire: “Crypto Gift Items!”

Cryptocurrencies have long been something that you can give away for free. In fact, I got my first bitcoins (no, not whole coins) through a BTC faucet that, if you remember, ran a bit of advertising and then gave you a few satoshis worth $ 0.25 or so.

According to a top philanthropist, giving away digital assets is the best way to promote mass adoption. And philanthropist Bill Pulte, grandson of the founder of the multi-billion dollar real estate company PulteGroup, wants to do just that.

With a recently published tweet, Pulte went viral. Pulte, who has gathered over 1.7 million followers who do what he “Twitter Philanthropy” wants to start “spending cryptocurrency on Twitter to get more acceptance”.

Cryptocurrency in its current form is not yet widely used, for example, since there are no Bitcoin giveaways on Twitter and other social media. “Fear of ‘scams’ is exactly what we have achieved; INNOVATE! ”Added Pulte, probably referring to the often held feeling that cryptocurrencies are just scams.


Lectern’s Bitcoin focus

While Pulte’s latest tweet suggests it will give away “cryptocurrency” – a vague term that could apply to any digital coin – it is largely certain that Bitcoin will appear in upcoming giveaways.

Pulte also recently wrote on Twitter that he had bought a total of 11 Bitcoin – worth nearly $ 100,000 at the time of writing.

While some joke that the billionaire has bad “opsec”, it seems that he bought the coins on the premise of giving them away to his followers. Pulte is known for offering its followers a cash or bitcoin price.

Desks are also a vocal advocate of Bitcoin. In the tweet below, he claims that “peer-to-peer systems are the way of the future”. According to Pulte, BTC enables “philanthropy to become decentralized and peer-to-peer, which helps more people … faster.”