Why John McAfee Bitcoin (BTC) is not the future

Above all, John McAfee is also known for repeatedly doing crypto projects, and he never missed an occasion that Bitcoin was his favorite coin. Was because he changed his mind.


John McAfee has a favorite coin, and it’s not Bitcoin

Until recently, John McAfee was still considered a true Bitcoin bull, which also reflected his more than optimistic prediction of $ 500,000 per Bitcoin from the beginning to the end of 2020. He even doubled this bet, meaning the value would be $ 1 million per Bitcoin. If that does not happen by the end of 2020, he would eat his own cock on television, he says. However, he withdrew this forecast a few days ago, as he announced on Twitter. It was all just a trick for him to pull new users into the crypto world, and he thinks it worked.

In another tweet, he also stated that Bitcoin wasn’t the future of crypto, just like the Ford Model T wasn’t the future for the automotive industry. In the tweet he also wrote that they all knew that and everyone just wanted to ride the wave. Instead of Bitcoin, he named Monero (XMR) as his favorite coin, since Monero is a privacy coin that fulfills all of his wishes.

On January 7, McAfee published another tweet to continue the topic. He rejects the assumption that he now despises Bitcoin just because he has withdrawn his prediction and the BTC is not the future for him. However, he said that crypto is the key to our prison cells.