Willy Woo sees the Bitcoin at $ 135,000. But is there a BTC course explosion?

There are no limits to Bitcoin

In the Keizer Report on March 3, Woo reports that a BTC rate of $ 135,000 is conceivable. In view of the current upward trend, a trip to $ 100,000 could be the next logical step. In the report, the expert explains: “If you take the overall average of the course times 35, you could thus predict every maximum value in the ten-year history of Bitcoin. This is currently a little over $ 50,000, and the longer the calculation period gets, the higher it climbs. “Willy Woo dir’s calculation basis is based on average course development values. The cyclical developments of the well-known cryptocurrency related to the four-year halving also played an important role.


At $ 135,000, it is far from over

The crypto expert does not see the end of the flagpole at $ 135,000, however. In the Keizer Report, he reports: “If you want to make a good estimate, I would say that it should be over $ 100,000. I think a reasonable forecast would be $ 135,000, given the current cycle status and 35 times the average. I would commit to $ 100,000 to $ 250,000 depending on how long the current uptrend will last.

”There is not much to see of Woo’s prognosis for Bitcoin at the moment. It remains to be seen whether the digital currency can work towards the statistician’s ideas.”