Youtube vs. Crypto: YouTube has given up the fight against crypto videos again

It looks like Youtube’s crackdown on cryptocurrency related content is over. Several YouTubers who were at the end of this exodus report that their previously censored videos have been restored.

Background: YouTube had started marking and removing videos with cryptocurrency-related content on the platform earlier this week. There was no further explanation for it, except that the tagged videos were promoting “harmful or dangerous content” and “selling regulated goods”.


Popular crypto channels were affected

However, the justification for the procedure does not explain why even purely educational videos that did not contain any investment advice or advertising were removed. In some cases, videos that were uploaded several years ago and collected hundreds of thousands of views were also removed.

Chris Dunn, the popular YouTuber behind the channel ChrisDunnTV, made the community aware of the problem on Christmas Eve: Dunn tweeted that most of his crypto-related topics were removed. Chris Dunn has been making YouTube videos for almost a decade and has over 200,000 subscribers.

Other YouTubers soon began to share Dunn’s concerns, saying they were facing similar issues, such as Chico Crypto (@ChicoCrypto) and BTC Sessions (@BTCsessions).

The hard procedure initially seemed to target only the big YouTubers, although it later turned out that some smaller channels were also marked.
Decentralization will hardly work for content creators

As the mysterious crackdown continued, many in the crypto community began to argue for the need for a decentralized alternative to enterprise-controlled platforms like YouTube. However, not everyone is convinced of this vision.

Skeptics point out that the average YouTuber only makes videos to make money – be it through advertising revenue or by sending digital assets. Most of these YouTubers, according to the skeptics, are not there to share informative content and to encourage adaptation.

However, there are also many who rate the prospects of a decentralized video sharing platform positively. Binance CEO Changpeng Zhao is one of them. He tweeted: Such a decentralized platform would further accelerate the progress of decentralized file systems.


What caused YouTube to restore removed videos?

As of December 26, some of the YouTubers affected began reporting that their previously removed videos are back online. Even the warnings and penalties that a few channels received have been removed.

So was it a YouTube mistake or are there other factors involved? Unfortunately, there are currently no further details on the crackdown, as YouTube has not yet made an official statement on the situation.