Youtube vs crypto? Youtube removes crypto videos without warning

Youtube has removed a large number of crypto videos – and without warning.

Youtube censors crypto?

YouTube has been the most important video platform worldwide for a decade and a half, but over the years there have definitely been a number of issues with the creators. Most of the time, this is about actual problems regarding the type of content posted.

Now the platform is apparently acting against a certain topic for no apparent reason.

Without warning, YouTube removed innumerable cryptocurrency related videos from pretty much every channel dealing with digital coins. They do not only act against potential fraudsters, but also against known influencers.

Of course, it is now known that YouTube is not a fan of advertising-unfriendly content. However, if the content does not explicitly violate the company’s terms of use, it is usually simply de-monetized, and in most cases that’s all.

This is fate waiting for content that contains curse words or is considered inappropriate for other reasons.

However, while YouTube is primarily working to clear confusion by clarifying its policies and decisions, the new ban on crypto content comes as a surprise and without warning.

YouTubers such as Chris Dunn (210,000 subscribers), Node Investor (54,000 subscribers), Chico Crypto (67,000 subscribers) and many others have complained to Twitter about the platform’s latest action. Some of the content creators have been banned for even a week, and some may have been blocked for even longer.

In the meantime, YouTube only sent an email notification to the creators, saying that their videos had violated community guidelines. The platform classified the content of the Youtubers as “harmful or dangerous” and cited the “sale of regulated goods” as the main reason.

So far, there is still no insight into YouTube’s decision or a clear reason why cryptocurrencies are being targeted. However, the crypto world is already speculating, with some users believing that it could be a security measure or an advertising-related limitation that goes too far.

Crypto developers now seem to want to leave the platform in favor of a more decentralized solution – platforms where such incidents are not possible.

In addition, Twitter itself remains a cryptographically cheap platform, and in all likelihood it will remain that way. Creator Jack Dorsey even spoke of plans to move Twitter to the blockchain and make it decentralized.

YouTube’s desire to please advertisers rather than support its creators has sparked disputes countless times – and many claim that this will be the platform’s final demise. The company has not disclosed its reasons for the recent promotion, but it appears that it will surely lose some content creators as a result.